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Embrace Festive Grandeur With Kuntaar's Plush Festive Collection

Welcome to the world of exquisite traditions and timeless celebrations!

As the festive season approaches, there's an undeniable joy in preparing for the special moments that bring families and communities together. And what better way to add a touch of elegance to these occasions than by embracing the festive grandeur with Kuntaar's Plush Festive Collection.

In the hustle and bustle of festivities, Kuntaar stands out as a beacon of style, offering a diverse range of classy traditional wear tailored for women who appreciate both grace and glamour.

Whether you're looking for the perfect saree to drape or a stunning lehenga to twirl in, Kuntaar has something splendid for every taste and occasion.

So, let the countdown to festivities begin, and let Kuntaar be your trusted companion in making every moment extraordinary!

Explore Kuntaar's Festive Collection

Every ensemble is a masterpiece, carefully curated to bring forth the spirit of celebration and the grace of tradition.

1) Celestial Grace Pishwas

Kuntaar Dress

"Celestial Grace Pishwas" by Kuntaar includes a stunning Frock, a matching Dupatta, chic Culottes, and an artful Handmade Pouch for a complete and glamorous look. The Frock, made from heavy net fabric, is adorned with sequins, moti work, and intricate stonework. The Dupatta complements with delicate embroidery and Tilla work, while the ensemble is completed with comfortable culottes in pure Shamoz Silk.

2) Dazzling Organza Ensemble

Kuntaar dress

"Dazzling Organza Ensemble" by Kuntaar is your key to making a striking statement at special events, comprises a Long Shirt, a matching Dupatta, and a chic Pure Raw Silk Trouser. Crafted from pure organza net, the shirt is adorned with intricate cutwork and plush velvet patchwork, embellished with Sitara, Moti, Stones, and Pearls. The back of the shirt features a lavish spray of Stones and Pearls, adding an extra layer of luxury.

3) Elegant Flared Net Suite

Kuntaae Dress

The "Elegant Flared Net Suite" from Kuntaar is a three-piece ensemble designed to effortlessly uplift your style. The star of the show is the flared dress, adorned with intricate cutwork on net fabric, paired with a comfortable raw silk camisole underneath. This stunning dress features detailed Rhine Stone, beads, and Tilla work on the yoke, sleeves, and neck in a tasteful dark shade, exuding sophistication.

4) Fuschia Saree With Handcrafted

Kuntaar dress

“Fuchsia Saree With Handcrafted Shawl" – a vibrant pink saree that steals the spotlight with intricate block prints on the front and pallu. Adorned with handcrafted embellishments of feroza, sequins, and pearls, this saree radiates elegance. The ensemble is perfectly complemented by a coordinating blue shawl, intricately patterned and adorned with sequins and feroza. Not only does this pairing enhance the saree's beauty, but it also provides versatility in draping styles, ensuring you look elegantly stunning for any occasion.

5) Handcrafted 3D Net Shirt And Silk Sharrara

Kuntaar dress

"Handcrafted 3D Net Shirt And Silk Sharrara" by Kuntaar features a 3D net fabric shirt adorned with hand work Dabka, Kora, and stone embellishments on the yoke. What sets it apart is the attachable sleeves, offering you versatile styling options. The pure organza Dupatta adds a touch of beauty with its intricate embroidery. Completing the ensemble is a luxurious Ketan Silk Sharrara detailed with heavy laces, showcasing Kuntaar's commitment to sophistication.


Kuntaar's Festive Collection is your go-to for adding elegance and tradition to your celebrations. Each piece is like a mini-celebration in itself. And if you're after something extra special, they've got trending pieces to make your festive look truly unique.

Just imagine yourself in these outfits, feeling the festive grandeur with every design. It's not just clothes; it's a mix of tradition and modern style. So, dive into elegance, embrace tradition, and make your celebration extra special with Kuntaar's Plush Festive Collection. Here's to simple joy and unforgettable moments!

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